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PCG, Inc. S.A. was formed in 2013 to focus on growth markets in emerging economies and to deliver superior financial results that concurrently positively impact the local business, labor, and agricultural environments.

Based upon extensive research, PCG has determined that world demand for high-quality pineapples has been increasing and will continue to increase for the foreseeable future.

Panama presents some unique geographic, environmental, and agricultural characteristics that facilitate the production of the highest quality pineapples.

Using Panama as our founding platform, PCG will generate this superior performance while helping to grow the Panamanian economy and establishing new benchmarks for agricultural and management operations within the country.

We firmly believe that the objectives of maximizing return on investment and being socially conscious are not mutually exclusive and have demonstrated this in our Panamanian operations.

Global G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practice) has become the international industry benchmark for farm assurance and encompasses a number of best practices elements including phytosanitary guidelines, traceability, worker treatment standards, etc. This certification, roughly analogous to Fair Trade status in nature, is effectively a prerequisite for the sale/export of fresh produce product to key developed multinational market buyers and other established wholesale/retail buyers.
PCG, Inc. S.A. is in full
compliance with Global G.A.P.
Panama Exporta Logo.jpg

Panama Exporta is a governmental support program for the agricultural and agro-industrial sector of Panama to promote the diversification of agri-food exports from Panama and the linkage of agribusinesses to export markets. This certification process encourages the creation of a brand focused on the promotion of a quality export culture so that the agro-exporters can include the brand logo in the packaging of their products. In order to utilize the brand, exporters must comply with all guidelines established by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MICI) and the Ministry of the Department of Agriculture (MIDA).

PCG, Inc. S.A. is in full
compliance with Panama Exporta.
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