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PCG Management

Pictured: Domingo & Rafael Bermudez


Director of Operations/Chief Operations Officer


Domingo is co-owner and Director of Operations/COO of PCG S.A., located in David, Panama. Domingo has over 40 years of experience in the pineapple industry, having spent over 25 years working with Del Monte as the Agricultural Manager for their Latin American Operations. He has served as an agricultural consultant for multiple world-class companies including Chiquita and Dole and is known as one of the “top pineapple specialists” in the world.

Domingo has served as Project Director and Consultant for various companies throughout the world and has been responsible for the planting, harvesting, packing, and shipment of MD-2 pineapples, with farms ranging from 300


hectares to over 2,400 hectares, and with staff levels ranging from 80 to over 800 employees. In 2014, Domingo joined PCG not only as a shareholder but also as Chief Operations Officer and Director of Operations for PCG.


During his tenure with PCG, Domingo has successfully revived three pineapple farms acquired by PCG.  Domingo has been able to bring over top talent from his previous relationships to work for PCG and has recruited his mentor, Rolando Vargas, to serve as PCG’s personal pineapple consultant. Rolando Vargas visits the farm quarterly to inspect the farm and make recommendations.


Domingo and Rolando wrote the standards for cultivating the MD-2 pineapple, not only for Del Monte but for all the multinational companies producing the fruit famously known as the “Golden Pineapple”. Today, the MD-2 is the predominant pineapple cultivated for fresh fruit export worldwide. Costa Rica is one of the most important producers and exporters of MD-2 and the majority of growers in this country have switched to this crop. According to a survey by Hort Technology, growers have expressed concerns about the limited technical information available about how to grow MD-2, and PCG is extremely fortunate to have both Domingo and Rolando as part of its team.

In 1978, Domingo went to Pineapple Development Corporation of Costa Rica (PINDECO), a subsidiary of Del Monte, and was named the Supervisor of Pineapple Agriculture Projects. Domingo and Rolando spent nearly three years developing an operation in Buenos Aires of Puntarenas in Costa Rica. This project started with six people, but after a few months, it grew to forty people. By 1993, there were more than eight hundred employees working for Domingo.


In 1982, Domingo and Rolando brought over the first MD-2 seedlings to be produced in Costa Rica. Domingo and Rolando were responsible for the overall planning and planting, which grew to over 2,400 hectares. Domingo was in charge of all aspects of the project, which included the propagation of seed, land preparation, planting, harvesting, and packaging for shipping. Because of the tenacity of Domingo and Rolando Vargas, they were able to convince Del Monte to expand plantations and introduce the product to European markets and later to U.S. markets. In just a few years after the reproduction and planting on a large scale, Del Monte changed and transformed the commercialization at the global level in the fresh fruit market.


Domingo has a degree in Agricultural Studies from the University of Costa Rica U.C.R. Soon after graduation, Domingo started his career in bananas with the United Fruit Company. In less than three years, Domingo went from being a supervisor in quality control to become the Agricultural Supervisor in bananas.


Domingo has also served as mayor of Buenos Aires, Costa Rica.


In addition to his extensive operations and agricultural experience, Domingo has academic credentials in Total Quality Management, Human Relations, Agronomy, Business Administration, and Labor Relations.


General Manager


Rafael is co-owner and General Manager of PCG S.A., located in David, Panama. He is the son of Domingo Bermudez and a major contributor to the success of PCG Inc. S.A. Rafael was exposed to agriculture very early in life and as a child, he attended Pindeco Primary Private School, which was owned by Del Monte when Domingo was working on the MD-2 project.


Rafael introduced Domingo to the principal shareholders of PCG and both he and his dad shared a vision of partnering with the owners of PCG in the pineapple business. Rafael is actively working with Domingo and continuing to learn the art and science of pineapple cultivation.


As General Manager, Rafael is involved in every aspect of the business. Rafael is instrumental in negotiating new terms for land leases and has established a rapport with the landowners. He assisted the CEO in establishing the Articles of Incorporation in Panama as a registered producer of fruits and nuts. He continues to establish the banking relationships PCG now have in Panama. As General Manager, he established the office in David and has successfully registered PCG with the Social Security Fund, secured Agro-Exporter Certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture, and has made PCG compliant with Panama’s Integrated System of Customs Management (Import/Export Certification) process and Global G.A.P certification.


Prior to PCG, Rafael was an entrepreneur and co-founder of Grupo Riders, a transportation and event planning services company. Rafael’s staff was in excess of thirty-five people and was responsible for securing contracts with major cruise lines.


Rafael possesses a diverse educational background. He has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Finance from the University of San Jose. He has a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering from the Inter-American University of San Jose. He also holds several certifications from the National Institute of Biodiversity of Costa Rica.

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